Out of this world is the best way I can describe my two days at Iguassu Falls. Sitting between the countries of Brazil and Argentina, the area is actually home to a series of spectacular falls. Graced with some of the best weather and adequate water flow in the falls - I was lucky enough to capture many awe-inspiring photos during my stay here.


We spent a total of two days at the falls, one on the Brazilian side, and the other in Argentina. I would definitely recommend seeing both sides, as they offer different vantage points that allows you to see different parts of the falls, and often different falls altogether, as Iguassu is a series of falls.

Bring your walking shoes for the visit, as many viewing platforms and vantage points require some hiking to get to. The trails are well worth it, however, as every turn one is greeted with heavenly views of water against the lush backdrop of the landscape.


Starting off in the Brazilian side…a trail leads to a network of platforms on which one can view the falls from the bottom. Gorgeous.

I took a ton of pictures, both with and without myself. Indulge me in this one that has yours truly in it - thanks > <


Also on the Brazilian side, a company called Helisu have been running helicopter rides over the falls for a number of years now. I will leave it up to you to opine on the safety of the operation, though one friend did caution me after viewing my videos from the ride that the angles at which the helicopter turned were rather steep, and the engines are known to stall at such angles…

Our second day was spent on the Argentinian side, which features a full fledged nature park, and offers many trails for hiking. There are also activities such as riding a boat into the falls (similar to ‘Maid of the Mist’ at Niagra), and 4x4 vehicle tours. The one place not to be missed is the viewing platform for Devil’s Throat. Surreal.

How do I not sound silly saying this? I, like, thought I was in heaven while gazing at the tumbling water from here. Like, yeah.


My time at the falls coincided with such wondrous weather that I incidentally also saw the most amount of rainbows I’d ever seen in my life. Must be a (majestic) mixture of the water droplets and sunlight (it is). But still gorgeous.


No more expounding on the beauty of this place. Only one thing: go see for yourself. Go. GO