Only a few hours drive from Vancouver (where I used to live), my visits to Seattle over the years have somehow resulted in a scant amount of photos. Below, however, are a few highlights from the city from a recent trip in 2016: 


The Public Market, perhaps one of the best known landmarks in all of Seattle. Something I'd recommend as a must-try is the oyster shot, which is a freshly shucked oyster and cocktail sauce, conveniently packaged inside a 1.5 ounce shot glass. Slurp down as many as you can, and you even get to keep the shot glass. 


The Original Starbucks! Seems like they changed their logo over the years, though the interior of the store seemed to be no different then other outlets. They do, however, sell special mugs and cups here with the original logo and store significance, for the souvenir-oriented coffee drinkers.


The nearby Pike Place Chowder serves up a variety of the creamy soup, and you can even order a sample combination that includes their four most popular concoctions. If you're a chowder-enthusiast, make sure to stop by, and try one of their fresh shrimp / lobsters rolls too while you're here. 


A curious discovery I made on this trip was the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum, that has probably be in the city the whole time, truth be told. After venturing inside, I must say I was amazed by the vibrant colors and obscure forms created by the artists. Who knew glass could be such a flexible artistic medium? 


The Museum of Flight is located just a short drive outside the city proper of Seattle. Inside, they feature a multitude of airplanes from a variety of eras, in addition to space exploration aircraft in a separate hanger. Of note are the two flight simulators that can be found inside the museum. One is not for the faint of heart (literally), and the other is family-friendly though somewhat adventurous. You can probably guess which one I went on.